Professional Real Estate Photography

Professional Real Estate Photography

Professional real estate photography
Professional Quality Real Estate Photos

Professional real estate photography will sell your home for more money, Period.  With 92% of homebuyers using the Internet as part of their home search, listing photos or critical factor in the selling price of your home. It will determine if your home sells quickly and whether it sells at all.

I will be sure to promote your property in the absolute best light possible.  When shooting your property we consider all aspects of professional real estate photography.

Professional real estate photographyI use professional full frame photography equipment with the best professional series lenses to capture wide angle room views and provide crisp, sharp images even in low light conditions.  I focus on using a variety of lenses in various lighting situations.

Professional real estate photography
Professional real estate photography

We always shoot raw photography files so that we can maximize the post processing and it just exposure and other settings using Lightroom and Photoshop to gain advantages in post editing. This offers huge advantages over shooting JPEG files. with a raw file you can adjust the exposure or white balance in either direction by a large amount.  You can also adjust the highlights, vignetting, sharpness and shadows.  These are just a few  tricks and tips of professional real estate photography in order to show your home in the best light.




Here are  some essential principles that you can expect with our real estate photography:

  •  we will make sure each photo visually supports the features of your property
  •  will use wide angle lenses to shoot interiors
  •  we  try and remove clutter and stage the interior of the property for best results
  •  we spend extra time ensuring the primary exterior photo is superior to all.
  •  we focus on providing a light and bright atmosphere for all interior photos
  •  we pay particular attention to the vertical and horizontal lines in all photos
  •  we focus on the white balance in every photo in order to give each and every room a natural look
Aerial RSM Lake-1
Lake Rancho Santa Margarita



I also use my Aerial Drone to highlight special features from an aerial view.  We provide a unique aerial perspective to buyers showing them where the home is positioned and proximity to parks, schools, the ocean and other amenities.  This is a very effective tool. Please view a sample of one of my videos is here:





Professional real estate photography



You only get a few seconds to capture the attention of potential buyers and we make sure your property will be shown in the best possible light. For a free consultation call Jesse Madison today at 949-306-8416

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