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The Power of Quality Real Estate Photography

The Power of Quality Real Estate Photography

When it comes to Real Estate Photography…Are Consumers Looking at YOUR Listing or are they clicking NEXT?

real estate images-23It is undeniable that real estate photography is one of the most important factors leading to the sale of your home.  Gone are the days when any picture will do. Average photography will leave money on the table for any serious seller and may jeopardize procuring a buyer completely. The impact of quality photography to drive buyers to a particular property has now become  the primary focus and most important factor in marketing at home.

The MLS has become a place of information overload where  online data is crunched, sorted and categorized to facilitate searches for home buyers all over the world. But nothing in the MLS can touch and capture the emotions of a prospective buyer more than a beautifully exposed  impactful photograph. The importance of eye-catching imagery is crucial in order to get a potential buyer to stop browsing and clicking and truly connect and be emotionally intrigued by an image. Photography and media is the primary tool to cut through the clutter.

In a world of Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and other social media giants it is no wonder we have become more attracted to visual imagery that is pleasing to the eye.  Professional quality real estate photography will always attract more clicks, more looks, more interest and more sales.

Listing a home with a real estate broker who understands the importance of quality photography and knows how to create eye-catching images is vital when selling a home.

Consumer surveys indicate:

  • Consumers start their search online
  • Consumers find inconsistent photography on online listings but agree that photography is critical in the search process.
  • If consumers do not like the photograph they will move onto the next listing.
  • Consumers want high quality images, larger photographs and photo galleries
  • The images and media will drive your online traffic and secure the highest price for your home.


Forget the iPhone pics, forget the sales pitches. You need an agent that knows how to take professional and marketable Real Estate photography in order to make an impact on potential buyers. Call Jesse Madison at (949) 306-8416 for a free consultation today.


Orange County Real Estate Photography images from Jesse Madison below:

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