Business Opportunity Sale

Business Opportunity Sale! State of the Art Surgery Center!

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Amazing Business Opportunity. Surgery Center in Corona for sale. State of the Art Surgery Center WellPoint Med Center is set up for Outpatient Surgical Procedures in the heart of Corona. This Business Opportunity Sale is located in close proximity to Corona Hospital. Includes all Equipment, Furniture, Generator, Medical Vacuum Systems, etc.. Proper Permits in place: Valid Certificate of Occupancy (2014) and Performance Certificate of Compliance has been filed since 2012. Lease is in place with current landlord and has option to extend 5 years and possibly renew with multiple extensions. Equipment List for the Surgery center is available. Incredible Business […]

Orange County Short Sale Realtor -Tips on Preventing Orange County Foreclosures, CDPE, SFR

Meet Jesse Madison, your Orange County Short Sale Realtor [youtube=] The success of your Orange County, CA Short Sale depends on many factors. Having a┬ásolid pricing strategy will help you ┬áprevent pitfalls and delays that could undermine your goal of successfully selling your home. If the price is not a market value price the bank may decline your sale and you could lose your buyer and need to start over. Proper initial pricing will help you avoid this costly mistake and prevent foreclosure. Remember it is a race against the foreclosure clock. Thorough review of all liens against the property […]

Top 5 Reasons short sales in Orange County are now easier than ever

Top 5 Reasons short sales in Orange County are now easier than ever. Understanding the top 5 reasons short sales in Orange County are now easier than ever will help you realize that you now have options. Help is here. You can get your short sale approved quickly so that you can sell your home at no additional cost! Banks are now pre-approving short sales. Yes its true! You will actually get your Price approved before your home gets listed. Then all you need to do is get the home under contract and close escrow quickly. Banks are paying some […]